Expeditious robust expert psychological, cognitive & capacity reports delivered within LAA rates.

Our consultants provide expert witness reports, capacity and cognitive reports in the Family court within LAA rates within 6-8 weeks of instruction. With unrivalled experience and expertise in Forensic Psychological investigation, Forensis identify psychological evidence with professionalism, impartiality and confidentiality.

  • Parenting assessment including risk assessment of physical and sexual abuse, violence (including domestic violence) and partners’ ability to protect. 
  • Assessment of the effects of childhood physical or sexual abuse on adult functioning.
  • Assessment of capacity as defined by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 particularly in cases of sensory impaired clients.
  • Psychological aspects of child physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Attachment theory and relevance to parental behaviour
  •  Family assessments
  • Substance abuse and dependence in a forensic and clinical context
  • Psychological effects of matrimonial / relationship breakdown and abusive relationships
  • All aspects of Care proceedings

The highest level of qualification is applied to our opinions, informing judicial proceedings and private sector enquiries. We provide our clients with the benefit of foresight rather than having to reflect in hindsight.


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