Dr Rebecca Clark-Dowd

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, BA Hons


Dr Clark-Dowd has worked as an expert witness since 2014, providing evidenced-based, well-researched reports to inform psychological functioning in parents involved in childcare proceedings, as well as criminal cases. 

Dr Clark-Dowd has significant clinical experience working with individuals with personality difficulties and problems coping. She has a special interest in women’s wellbeing post-birth and has worked therapeutically with women experiencing psychological difficulties during and following pregnancy. Dr Clark-Dowd also has a special interest in health-related functioning, including medically unexplained symptomology. 

Dr Clark-Dowd has extensive experience delivering assessments within the child protection system. She adapts her approach to fit the needs of instruction: for example, to understand the potential for engagement with therapy, working with professionals or risk assessment regarding anger, violence or potential to return to violence/substance misuse. Dr Clark-Dowd includes robust measures of social desirability and genuineness regarding engagement to inform likelihood of change. She also has extensive experience in the delivery of cognitive testing, including intellectual ability and capacity to litigate.


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