Our Expert Witness service offers the highest standard of psychological opinion upon issues of behavioural risk. Our contribution to judicial process offers necessary opinion within funding limits

We represent the next generation in psychological services.

Breaking our services down simply, we investigate issues of behavioural concern, identify psychological characteristics and their potential influence on behavioural decision-making and inform those who have instructed us of our expert opinion in a clear and consistent way.

Whether applying our 32 years of investigative and clinical experience within judicial proceedings or across the private sector, we are meticulous in our approach. Our commitment to quality means that our clients are reassured that they are in expert hands and that whoever instructs our services will always receive a robust and insightful opinion from a highly qualified specialist.

For judicial enquiries, we offer impartiality, confidentiality and necessary contribution to legal proceedings, within funding limits and the timescales required of instructing parties. We also offer free ‘pre-application’ opinion to assist those considering instructing our services.

Simply, we investigate, identify & inform.

Dr Jonathan DowdDirector, Consultant Forensic Psychologist  

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